**PLEASE NOTE: Effective June 1st, 2018 our Box Office hours will be Monday through Saturday, 12 - 5 p.m.**

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We exist to raise the quality of life in our community.

We believe theatre is a powerful means of creative expression that has the ability to transform individuals and communities. We believe free expression is necessary to healthy societies.

Theatre is a living chronicle of who we are. It is an organic, breathing, three-dimensional testimony of our existence. In endlessly inventive ways, theatre can proclaim our joys and sorrows, celebrations and defeats. Theatre uniquely expresses the delirious ecstasy and anguish of living.

Theatre not only reveals the world as it is, it dares us to envision the world as it could be. Theatre liberates the imagination and makes manifest our most profound aspirations.

Theatre allows us to temporarily inhabit alternate realities. It challenges us to commune with those who may not be like ourselves. We may be confronted with different values; our underlying assumptions may be questioned. We are ultimately enriched by these journeys of the imagination for we gain compassion and new insight.

We do not exist as isolated individuals. Thus, theatre must also reflect how we form communities. The Gateway’s community is blessed with representation from all corners of the world. Only by capturing this astonishing diversity on our stages do we provide a truthful portrayal of who we are as a people. Everyone’s story deserves to be heard. Whenever one voice in our community is stifled or dismissed, we as a whole are impoverished.

The Gateway Theatre stands for excellence. We champion artists who strive for the extraordinary. All those who search for virtuoso moments, transcendent grace, or an avalanche of laughter will have a home here.

The Gateway Theatre is a gathering place – a space where artists and art lovers can converge. We encourage conversation between artist and patron. Together, we raise our quality of life by searching for what is beautiful and relevant and true.