A stage for richmond

Sometimes it feels like we as a community are overlooked – as a suburb, a second city, an in-betweener.

But we know as well as anyone that this city shouldn’t be underestimated. It has a diversity that is unmatched, and a potential that is unlimited. It deserves more than it gets – it deserves to be heard.

At Gateway, we provide a platform for the whole community to contribute to, and benefit from, the performing arts. A place where you can learn from others, see yourself represented, and take pride in the rich cultural landscape that Richmond has to offer.

A performing arts hub

People’s preconceived notions of what ‘theatre’ is can be a barrier to communicating the benefits that performing arts can bring, and can all too easily alienate parts of our community from engaging with it. To fulfill our mission, we need to nurture the community’s interest in what we do, by recognizing the different relationships people have with performing arts’ and understanding how we can serve them best. Our organization is dedicated to providing multiple entry points for new audiences and new ideas, based on three key areas:

Artistic Offerings

A Reflection of Richmond

Our vision is to produce a breadth of stories that tackle the ideas, values and issues which reflect the diverse people of this city. Our aim is to bring people together through shared artistic experiences that encourage dialogue and an exchange of ideas. Through celebrating our community’s stories we instill a sense of pride, and a greater curiosity for the city we live in. We are committed to nurturing the incredible local talent we have across the Lower Mainland – the cast, the crew, the wider production teams – and providing them with more opportunities to create meaningful work they can be proud of.

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Theatre Education

Beyond Performing Arts

An education in the performing arts can mean enriching any number of skills – acting, singing, dancing, production – but where it is most transformative is often beyond the stage. For newly arrived immigrants it’s an opportunity to improve language skills, building local connections and learning about Canadian culture. For westerners it’s a chance to better understand cultures other than their own, or even a better understanding of themselves. For everyone, it is the opportunity to play a role in forming what the next generation of Richmond looks like, and contributing to its rich cultural heritage for generations to come.

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Venue Rentals

Celebrating the City in Style

Every year more than 15,000 people come through our doors to participate in events put on by the public. With a full cross section of the city present, it is a prime opportunity for us to help Richmond ‘show off’ to itself. To celebrate in its own diversity and achievements, and enjoy every minute of it. Ultimately, the more people we can get through the door and engage with us on any level, the better we are doing at bringing Richmond together and creating a place they can call a second home.

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