How do I book my VocalEye ticket and/or companion ticket?
  1. Select the performance you would like to attend:
    Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes MysteryApril 20 (7:30 PM)
  2. Enter the code VOC50 in the promo code box. This will unlock the seats reserved for VocalEye patrons and the 50% discount. Select the above date and seats you want and check out.

If you are experiencing any issues with booking your ticket, please call our Box Office at 604.270.1812 and we will be happy to assist you.

What is Audio Description (Vocal Eye)?

“Audio Description” or “Live Description” refers to descriptions of the visual elements of a performance or event that are spoken live and in real-time to listeners with vision loss.

VocalEye’s described performances begin ten minutes before the show, with a brief introduction to the characters, costumes and locations. Once the show begins, important visual details and physical actions are described between the lines of dialogue. All descriptions are voiced live and in real-time by a trained Describer.

Only VocalEye users can hear the description through a small handheld receiver and single earpiece that can be worn on either ear. Equipment can be picked up from the VocalEye table in the lobby up to one hour before the show starts. Users are welcome to bring their own earbuds or portable headphones.

VocalEye typically describes only one performance in the show’s run. Learn more on VocalEye’s website.

How much do VocalEye tickets cost?

We are proud to offer a 50% discount for all VocalEye tickets. Enter the code VOC50 in the promo code box.

Do you offer Theatre Buddy assistance?

Theatre Buddy volunteers are available to guide adults with vision loss (18 years of age and over) from a designated meetup location to and from Gateway Theatre. At the theatre, Buddies assist patrons with tickets, equipment, seating and more as needed. Gateway Theatre offers complimentary tickets for Theatre Buddies.

To arrange a Theatre Buddy, please contact Donna at least 3 days in To learn more about VocalEye’s Theatre Buddy program, please visit here.