Time to Elevate: Xiao Bing Chih

October 19th, 2023 | 6:00 PM
Studio B
Free Admission

Presented by Jade Music Festival

Music has the power to heal, and the power to grow.

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Xiao Bing Chih uses music to chronicle his growth as both a musician and a person. In life, many challenges come from the society around us, and many more come from directly inside us. In his darkest times, Xiao Bing Chih held onto music. Turning his struggles into inspiration, this intimate and honest Artist Talk will give us insights into his creative journey.

Whether you are an artist, a fan, or even just someone who listens to music in passing, Xiao Bing Chih’s story will surely move your heart. 

Jade Music Fest & Awards is an annual music event which aims to make Vancouver the North American hub for Chinese-language music through the elevation of underrepresented Sinophone artists in BC. Launched in 2022, JMF’s goal is to present a majority of Chinese language artists from Canada, in the hopes of giving the Chinese language-speaking Canadians the representation and equal opportunities in the Canadian and international music scene they very much deserve. https://jmfa.ca/


Free Admission
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