JMF Showcase: Rise Up

October 19th, 2023 | 7:30 PM – 9:35 PM
Free Admission

Presented by Jade Music Festival

In the world of folk music, everyone has their own story to share. The genre might be all-encompassing, but these artists will surely reach your heart!

Taiwanese-Australian songstress Kim Yang balances vulnerability and strength with her soul-stirring vocals. Nomadic musician and storyteller Tennyson King travels the world and comforts audiences from all walks of life with his songs. West Coast Taiwanese-Canadian singer-songwriter Darling Sparrows writes about love, sorrow, peace, and identity, finding and creating solace for everyone who listens. All around composer Mirabelle Jien brings unending passion to every project, sharing her creativity with people across the globe through the internet. New to Canada, Dawn of Freedom uses music and Cantopop to preserve the Hong Kong they called home.

Share a bit of warmth at this live showcase. Each musician is baring their experiences in the most intimate way through their songs; what stories will you create with Jade Music Fest? Let’s Rise Up together.

Jade Music Fest & Awards is an annual music event which aims to make Vancouver the North American hub for Chinese-language music through the elevation of underrepresented Sinophone artists in BC. Launched in 2022, JMF’s goal is to present a majority of Chinese language artists from Canada, in the hopes of giving the Chinese language-speaking Canadians the representation and equal opportunities in the Canadian and international music scene they very much deserve.


Free Admission
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