Division Infinity Saves The World!

February 19, 2024, 10:30 AM & 2PM
Studio B – General Admission
Run time: 1 hour (45-minute puppet show with a 15-minute Q&A)

Written by Matt Clarke, Shizuka Kai, and Keeley O’Brien
Produced by Neworld Theatre
Presented by Richmond Children’s Arts Festival

Division Infinity is a class of top-secret elementary school students coming together to solve the biggest problems facing kids across the world. Today, their teacher Ms. McToria has brought them an urgent new assignment: defeat the evil Cononi-19 virus! Super-secret student agents Soda, Chiqui and Spiderwolf are tasked with creating an ultimate mission plan to end the pandemic and they need your help. Will they beat Cononi and finally bring back birthday parties, playdates, and abuela-visits? Join Division Infinity and find out! A puppet show inspired by stories, art, and puppets created by real Grade Four students reflecting on their pandemic experiences.

Richmond Children Art’s Festival
Celebrate BC Family Day at the 15th annual Children’s Arts Festival on Monday, February 19, 2024 at the Richmond Library/Cultural Centre! Families can spark their imagination through music, hands-on activities, literary and performing arts. The day-long program features free performances and drop-in workshops, and select paid registered classes. Learn more

  • Audience Consideration

    Suitable for all ages

  • Ticket Pricing

    Child (Under 18): $12.50
    Adult (Age 18+): $22

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