Into the Light

February 18-20, 2022

Created by Marina Sijartzo and Stephanie Wong
Lighting Arrangement by Vanka Salim
Soundscape Composition by Sapphire Haze
Production Management Amanda Parafina

Into the Light is an all ages, immersive, walk-through experiencebringing a unique approach to Lunar New Year, a holiday celebrated by many in the community. Several of the rituals and customs practiced today during Lunar New Year, such as wearing the colour red, are said to be originated from the ancient tale of Nian (年). According to legend, on the eve of Lunar New Year, the sea-monster Nian came out of hiding, terrorizing villages for food, and the villagers worked together to ward off the dark monster with lanterns, loud noises, and bright light.

Created by Hong-Kong-born, Vancouver-based multidisciplinary artist, Stephanie Wong, and award-winning Richmond-based artist, Marina Szijarto, we invite you to be immersed inside the tale of Nian and embark on a journey through the darkness and fear, into celebration and light. 

Whether it’s your first year celebrating or you’re continuing a long-running family tradition, celebrate Lunar New Year like never before.