Gateway Theatre is working to create access to our spaces and events for all of our patrons, staff, artists, volunteers, and third-party contractors. We are committed

  • To invite our community to work with us to create access where it doesn’t exist
  • To be open about the ways we can and ways we can’t create access
  • To continue growing our knowledge of how to create access on an ongoing basis

We understand that access needs are different for different people, and that access needs can change over time, even from day-to-day. We recognize that access needs may stem from visible and/or invisible disabilities, as well as cultural and systemic barriers. We acknowledge that we can’t always accommodate every need or act on every access recommendation. We know that trust in our commitment to creating access may take time to grow and requires ongoing relationship-building.

Creating access is an ongoing and reciprocal process. We want to create access in a way that considers not only physical access to our premises or programming but also the experience of how we demonstrate care for people who engage with us. We welcome feedback about your experiences with Gateway Theatre.

  • If you have general questions about accessibility at Gateway Theatre, please contact the Administrator, Ashley Bate, at or 604-247-4984.
  • If you have questions about accessing the venue for an artistic offering, or the accessibility supports available for an artistic offering, please contact the Gateway Theatre Box Office at or 604-247-3603. (Note: regular Box Office hours are 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).
  • If you have questions about the accessibility of our Academy programming, please contact the Interim Education Manager, Renee Fajardo, at


The following provides some basic information about accessibility at Gateway Theatre for individuals attending or participating in one of our offerings. Detailed information about accessibility at Gateway is being compiled at this time. Upon completion, a link to that information will be provided here.


If you are driving to Gateway, there is parking around our building. The main lot south of the theatre has four (4) accessible parking spaces available. There are two (2) additional spaces directly outside the Academy entrance on the east side of the building. Please note that pay stations in the parking lot are on raised curbs that do not have a ramp for access.


There are two power-operated doors to access Gateway, including at the entrance marked “Administration” and at the set of doors closest to our box office on the ground floor lobby side.


There is a single elevator that provides access to the 2nd and 3rd floors. The elevator is located in the ground floor lobby near the box office. Access to the 2nd and 3rd floors can otherwise be done by climbing stairs from the main lobby.


There are two multi-user washrooms on the ground floor in the short hallways between the ground floor lobby and the Studios. Each washroom has a single accessible stall in it. A single-user accessible washroom is available on the 2nd floor, to the right of the 2nd floor lobby concession.


Gateway’s MainStage theatre includes eight (8) spaces designated as seating for wheelchair users. There are four spaces in the front row Orchestra Left accessible via the ground floor entrance, and four spaces in the back row Orchestra Right accessible from the 2nd floor lobby. In its typical setup, Studio B has two (2) spaces designated as seating for wheelchair users. (NOTE: Studio B is sometimes rearranged depending on the event, so please contact Box Office if you are unsure whether designated seating will be available.)


Gateway has a WilliamsSound FM+ hearing assist system available to support hard of hearing patrons attending events in the MainStage theatre. FM receivers and ear buds are available for general use, but the system also has compatibility with Bluetooth via a dedicated WiFi channel, as well as compatibility with T-coil with the use of an induction neckloop. Please contact Box Office for more information.


Gateway accepts the Easter Seals Access2 Card, providing a free companion ticket for card holders. We also regularly offer Pay What You Will preview nights for our productions. Students can also get “Student Rush Tickets” at 30-60% off the regular price. Student Rush tickets can only be purchased on the same day of the performance online, by phone or at the door. Student Rush tickets are only applicable to students in secondary and post-secondary institutions. Students must show valid ID from an accredited educational institution when presenting their ticket.


If you would like information about the accessibility for workers at Gateway Theatre, please contact either the Administrator, Ashley Bate, at or 604-247-4984, or the staff member with whom you are working.