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Welcome to Gateway Academy


Join us for a special Welcome Night! Meet fellow parents and students, the Academy faculty, and hear about what's in store for this exciting new year. Monday September 11, 2017 @7pm. Please RSVP if you are able to attend.

Not sure what to expect from the Academy? Wonder if it's right for you? Get answers to your frequently asked questions.

Gateway Academy's motto, "Creativity, Courage, and Connection" reflects the essence of what is required for successful theatre artists. These elements also contribute to the success of an individual in whatever walk of life.

Creativity enables us to think (with our brains and our whole bodies), and gives form to our feelings. It can facilitate problem-solving, bringing something to life from nothing.

Courage allows us to give and receive ideas, to try new things, to take action, take risks. It gives us strenth to express ourselves, and to grow.

Connection supports us, as we learn about ourselves and others. It makes room for compassion, for empathy, for understanding of our differences and identifying our similarities. It expands our relationship with the world around us.

I invite you into a year of Creativity, Courage, and Connection with Gateway Academy.

See you in class!

Ruth McIntosh, Education Manager

We live in an age where our children will need a creative, problem-solving edge to compete in the global economy. Repetitive tasks can be outsourced; innovation and ingenuity cannot.

Lisa Phillips, a Toronto writer, posted the following on; it was reprinted in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, and quickly went viral:


1) Creativity, 2) Confidence, 3) Problem solving, 4) Perseverance, 5) Focus, 6) Non-verbal communication, 7) Receiving constructive feedback, 8) Collaboration, 9) Dedication, 10) Accountability.
Gateway Academy for the Performing Arts was conceived as a place to teach children theatre skills. It has evolved into something much more than that. We believe that harnessing a child’s creative powers gives them the necessary tools to pursue their dreams; the list above might as well be titled “Top 10 Skills Needed to Succeed in Life.” Healthy artistic expression creates better individuals and better communities.
For those of you returning to the Academy this year, a warm welcome back. For those of you considering enrolling your child, please feel free to contact us for more information about our curriculum and our teaching philosophy. And to all our students: have a happy and creative year!

Jovanni Sy, Artistic Director