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《和媽媽中國漫遊》 Travel with Mum


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Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival  - Travel with Mum

《和媽媽中國漫遊》    TRAVEL WITH MUM

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糊塗戲班 by the Nonsensemakers
Sky High Productions Ltd. in association with Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival

2017年9月15 – 9月16 日
September 15 - 16, 2017
主舞台 MainStage

演出介紹 About the Show

《和媽媽中國漫遊》震撼十三億中國人感動落淚的真人真事。74歲的兒子,毅然騎上自製的破舊三輪車,載著99歲的母親,由老家塔河開始,經過中國大小城市, 母子倆又哭又笑的感人之旅,歷程三萬公里,耗時九百天。此作品結合戲劇、沙畫、面具造型及現場演奏,帶給觀眾全方位觀劇體驗。設有中英文字幕。

Travel with Mum is beautifully told through a masked theatre play on the virtues of filial piety accompanied by folksy live music and inspired by the touching story of Wang Yi-Min who spent all his life with his mother in a village in Liaoning, China. The 74-year-old man takes his 99-year-old mother on a journey across China. Starting in Heilongjiang, they set off for Tibet on a 900-day journey that spans over 30, 000 kilometres. Drama in Cantonese with Mask and Sand, which bringing audiences all-round viewing experience.  There will be Chinese and English Subtitles.

演員列表和創作團隊 Cast & Creative Team

即將公佈 To Be Announced 

公司簡介About the Company


The Nonsensemakers operates in Hong Kong as an independent professional drama group, registered as a charity in 2009. For years, they have produced close to a hundred performances. Winning multiple times in Hong Kong stage drama awards, they are one of the most active drama groups in Hong Kong. In the spirit of bringing the most positive vibe possible, The Nonsensmakers keep influencing audiences to reflect people and matters in daily lives. 

節日程表和票價 Schedule & Pricing

9月15 Sep 15 - 8:00 pm
9月16 Sep 16 - 2:00 pm
9月16 Sep 16 - 8:00 pm

演出時間: 兩小時設中場休息
Runtime: 2hrs with no intermission.

票價 Tickets: $62

現正推出超級優惠套票 Super Pass: $105 
現正推出超級優惠套票 包含《相約星期二》和《和媽媽中國漫遊》門票各一張
The Super Pass includes both Tuesdays with Morrie and Travel with Mum at a discounted price!
電話訂現正推出超級優惠套票  : 604-270-1812 
Call box office 604-270-1812 to purchase your Super Pass today

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網絡 Online:
9月15 Sep 15 - 8:00 pm
9月16 Sep 16 - 2:00 pm
9月16 Sep 16 - 8:00 pm

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