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Endowment Grants Application Form


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Does your production require financial assistance with special production costs (such as a professional conductor or director, special artist participation)? You may be eligible for a Gateway Theatre Endowment Grant.

Please read the Objectives and Policies sections below to see if your organization is eligible. If your organization meets our eligibility criteria, please fill out and submit the Application Form at the bottom of this page. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application after June 30, 2017.  Application deadline is March 15, 2017.


The objectives of the Richmond Gateway Theatre Society Endowment Grants Committee are to improve the quality of performance of amateur groups in Richmond whether theatre, dance, music or other performing arts, and to assist in the cultural, artistic and educational development of individuals, groups and the community through funding activities which would not be possible without special assistance.

Grants are not intended to cover routine operating expenses or capital costs but are intended to assist with special production costs such as a professional conductor or director for a community group, an artist of high stature, the use of the Richmond Gateway Theatre where such might not otherwise be possible, educational costs or special events. Performances must take place at Gateway Theatre between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.

First consideration will be given to groups based in Richmond. All performances are to be at the Richmond Gateway Theatre and are to be accessible to the general public.

Applications will be judged on their merits. All grants will be decided by a committee  consisting of Gateway Theatre Board and staff members and members who represent the Richmond performing arts community.


1. Each application shall contain a brief statement of the proposed event, its objective, schedule, performance date, budget, amount of grant requested, purpose for which the grant will be used, statement of other funding sources, and a list of current Board of Directors or members of the managing body.

2. Applications will be considered on the basis of:

  • compliance with the Objectives of the Endowment Grants Committee;
  • applicant's need for funds based on the applicant's efforts;
  • ability to raise funds from other sources;
  • applicant's ability to complete the event successfully;
  • availability of funds;
  • benefit to the public and community;
  • applicant's record and history in the community.

Preference will be given to established amateur and/or non-profit organizations.

3. Grants are awarded by the Endowment Grants Committee on or before June 30, for funds to be paid in the ensuing 12 months.  Only in exceptional circumstances will awards be made to an applicant more than once every two years.

4. All applicants will be notified by letter, whether they receive a grant or not. Grants may be for less than the amount requested, if so, a revised budget may be requested prior to receiving final confirmation of the grant. Terms and conditions may be set by the Endowment Grants Committee.

5. All objectives and policies are subject to revision or cancellation and depend upon the availability of funds. The Endowment Grants Committee need not allocate 100% of the funds available in any one year.

6. All award recipients must acknowledge assistance by the Endowment Grants Committee on all written and electronic materials relating to the event such as programs, news releases and posters as follows: "We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Richmond Gateway Theatre Society Endowment Fund."

7. Grants are to be used only for the purposes approved by the Endowment Grants Committee. Any alteration in plans regarding either the purposes or the schedule must receive prior approval by the Endowment Grants Committee.

8. Grants are not paid in advance.  Applicants pay the event costs and are then reimbursed through the Endowment Grants Committee.  Grants will be paid only after the event is successfully completed and a financial statement submitted evidencing total actual budget and expenditures.

9. Award recipients must allow the Endowment Grants Committee or its agents a reasonable opportunity to view the event at any time for purposes of evaluation.  Award recipients may be required to submit, upon request by the Endowment Grants Committee, an independently prepared financial statement.

10. All events for which grants are awarded must take place at the Gateway Theatre, Richmond, B.C. and are to be accessible to the general public.

Please note: Registered charities that receive a grant from the Gateway Theatre Endowment Committee must report the amount of the grant on form T3010, line 4510.


I hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge all information contained in this application is true and complete and I agree to provide, on completion of this event, a financial statement evidencing total actual income and expenditures.  I further agree to allow a member of the Endowment Grants Committee or its agents to view the event, to comply with any terms or conditions that may be set, to acknowledge assistance by the Endowment Grants Committee, to advise the Endowment Grants Committee of any alteration in plans regarding the purpose or schedule of the event and to submit an independently prepared financial statement if requested.


Please attach a budget detailing revenues and expenditures for your event and a current financial statement of your organization