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女煮人 / 聊Dry男 Cook Your Life / MeChat


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女煮人/聊Dry男 Cook Your Life/MeChat playing as a Cantonese double-bill with English Surtitles, Sept 17-19 in Pacific Festival 2015.

女煮人Cook your Life

Dry meChat

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心創作劇場製作 Produced by Bravo Theatre
由“心靈客棧 ” 劇團聯合製作Co-produced by Take It Easy Theatre

A hilarious double-bill about modern life.

2015年9月17- 19 日 September 17-19, 2015
主舞台 MainStage


出介紹 About the Shows


女煮人Cook Your Life

陳慧心 MayMay Chan

「女煮人」是一齣由May Chan一手包攬創作,製作,自導自演的浪漫輕喜劇。May Chan曾在2003年任職Bravo 劇場的藝術總監。 這一部多感官“四維話劇”圍繞著女主角在廚房當中的妥協(她的伴侶對於辛辣食物的喜愛是她其中一個不能認同的嗜好)衍生到她的感情世界。在舞台上真實的展現廚藝,和觀眾互動式的交流,May Chan通過這一巧妙的安排邀請觀眾不但品嚐到蘊藏在食物當中的情感因子,同時挑戰我們去體驗經歷各種酸甜苦辣。她教導出一種獨特的見解:每一道菜餚都是一種經歷,只有通過完全投入的體會你才能夠成長,有所收穫。這種輕描淡寫式的演出很巧妙的反映出現代生活中,女人面對的複雜的愛情生活。

Cook Your Life is a comedic solo show created, produced, directed and performed by MayMay Chan, who joined Bravo Theatre as Artistic Director in 2003. This multisensory ‘4-D show’ revolves around a woman whose compromises in the kitchen (her partner’s love for spicy food is one she doesn’t share) extend to her relationships as well. Cooking live on stage while interacting with the audience, MayMay makes funny and insightful analogies between food and love, inviting us to taste the emotion in her food while challenging us to experience the bitter along with the sweet. This lighthearted (and mouth-watering) play is a thoughtful reflection on the complications modern women face when it comes to love and relationships.

Cook Your Life is a brave new show where audiences don't just sit and watch, but actively interact with the concept of ‘love’. MayMay produces a revolutionary piece of theatre for women and contemplates love in a whole new way.” – King@C AllStar



鄧智堅 Eric Tang

人們可以一整天不吃飯,但我們沒有一刻可以離得開網絡。這難道就是現代生活的典型寫照嗎?「聊Dry男」展現出科技發展連帶出人們對於網絡世界的依賴,從各個角度看出好的與不好的層面。Eric Tang 領著觀眾體驗線上戀情,網絡性關係,瘋狂自拍,線上促銷卷,以及其他許多方面的網絡文化。他也甚至更深一層審視有些人因為偏愛在網絡世界裡的生活大過於現實世界,因而生活在與世隔絕的環境之中的現象。 這是一個有趣而又令人深省的戲劇。它讓我們反思為了擁有我們今天所擁有的網絡世界,我們到底犧牲了多少本有的現實世界做為代價。

There can be a day without food but never a moment without Internet. Isn’t that the epitome of modern living? MeChat explores the delightful and not so delightful aspects of the Internet and our increasing reliance on technology. Rising Hong Kong theatre and television star Eric Tang guides the audience through online romance, cyber sex, selfie-mania, Groupons, and every aspect of online culture. He also goes deeper and examines the people who prefer to live their lives online, and the real-life costs of that seclusion. This is a funny and thoughtful meditation on the price we pay when we trade in real life for cyber-living.

*彭秀慧*:「看他的演出技驚四座,離開劇院,念念不忘。 他值得擁有更多人認識和喜愛。」

“His performance is phenomenal, I can’t stop replaying it in my head. He needs to be known and admired by more people.” – Karean Pang


演員列表和創作團隊Cast & Creative Team


陳慧心  MayMay Chan

監〡導〡演〡Producer | Director | Actor |

鄧智堅Eric Tang

導〡演〡Director | Actor |

Gloria Ngai

Production Manager



SEPTEMBER 2015 - 女煮人 / 聊Dry男Cook Your Life / MeChat

Thu Sep 17 - 8:00pm

Fri Sep 18 - 8:00pm 

Sat Sep 19 - 8:00pm 

Runtime: 2hrs 45min, including 15-minute intermission.


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