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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan 2022

Gateway’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Plan is intended to clearly establish objectives for 2022 with respect to EDI matters and to hold ourselves accountable for this work.

The plan has three areas of focus: Our People, Our Public, and Our Programming; the areas overlap and intersect with our department areas within the company.

This plan was created collaboratively, and all staff and ongoing contractors have had opportunities to provide input directly or anonymously. The document was reviewed and approved by Gateway’s Board of Directors in December 2021.

This document will be published on Gateway’s website in January 2022. An updated version will be published in July 2022, outlining progress to date. The 2023 version of this plan will report on the 2022 priorities and objectives.

We acknowledge that both as an organisation and as individuals we are in a constant learning process. In that spirit, we will engage consultants to help guide us. We also recognise that as we learn, we may need to change or evolve aspects of this plan.

Terms Used

  • By Equity, we mean the fair and respectful treatment of all people, particularly those who have historically been and/or are currently marginalized, which is achieved through the removal of barriers that create inequality in access to resources, opportunities or security.
  • By Diversity, we mean the demographic mix of the community with a focus on those who are marginalized and under-represented at Gateway.
  • By Inclusion, we mean the active, intentional, and continuous process of creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, is treated with respect and is able to fully participate.
  • We use the term “marginalized” to refer to people or groups who experience discrimination and/or exclusion based on one or more things including but not limited to racialization, disability, gender identity or expression, financial status, or identity as an Indigenous person.

Our People

These are the people who work at Gateway as employees, as contractors, and as volunteers. It includes our administrative, operational and technical teams, our artists and educators, our board members and our volunteers.

Our Aspiration

That the people involved in imagining, creating, executing and guiding Gateway’s activities mirror our community and reflect a breadth of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, at all levels of the organisation. That our company culture reflects relational values and a culture of care.

Progress up to December 2021

  • Created a new documented recruitment process to attempt to remove barriers which might beencountered by applicants from marginalized communities
  • Researched and implemented a list of places to promote jobs specifically to people frommarginalized communities
  • Provided initial training for all staff and board on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Moved to a more collaborative, cross-functional way of working

2022 Priorities & Objectives

  1. Establish base-line metrics to determine the representation of marginalized groups on our teams viaa voluntary self-identification survey. JULY UPDATE: Presently establishing a contract to work with a Bakau Consulting strategist toconsult on this point and to conduct an internal audit to help establish base-line metrics
  2. Revise the following policies to make them more robust: Code of Conduct, Multiculturalism, Accessibility & Respectful Workplace. JULY UPDATE: Presently establishing a contract to work with a Bakau Consulting strategist to reviewexisting policies and to consult on their revision.
  3. Provide mandatory annual training for staff, board and volunteers in topics related to diversity,equity and inclusion. JULY UPDATE: All staff hired in past year were required to take Bakau Consulting's "Fundamentals of Anti-Oppression" workshop in May 2022. Volunteers and other staff who had previously taken theworkshop were invited to attend. All permanent staff and FOH staff were required to take Creating Accessible Neighbourhood's "Disability 101" workshop in May 2022.
  4. Explore engaging an external consultant or consultants to bring their knowledge to guide ourgrowth and development. JULY UPDATE: Presently establishing a contract with Bakau Consulting for consultation and auditing services.

Our Public

These are the people we interact with via our artistic offerings, education programs, rentals and related initiatives. They are our audiences (at the venue, online and in the community), our class and workshop participants, our donors, and our rental clients.

Our Aspiration

That the people who participate in Gateway’s offerings and activities are reflective of our community and that barriers to access are regularly identified and removed.

Progress up to December 2021

  • Offered at least one production per year with Simplified and Traditional Chinese surtitles at every performance
  • Experimented with pay-what-you-will performances

2022 Priorities & Objectives

  1. Establish base-line metrics to determine the representation of marginalized groups amongst our public. JULY UPDATE: Following initial conversations with Bakau Consulting, this aspect of our work maybe postponed to a future season due to pandemic-related challenges in defining our audience.
  2. Complete accessibility audits of the venue and office spaces. JULY UPDATE: Spectrum Disability completed an audit of Gateway's premises, including officespaces, in May 2022. Creating Accessible Neighbourhood's guided staff in a walk-through andself-assessment of the space in the same month.
  3. Write an accessibility strategy to guide next steps. JULY UPDATE: Gateway's internal staff working group is developing tools to support and/or toguide seasonal and multi-year planning.
  4. Publish an “Accessibility” page on our website that provides the most up-to-date information available about accessibility to the venue and office space, including a visual guide to the building. JULY UPDATE: Gateway's internal staff working group is reviewing information received through auditing in May and drafting contents for an "Accessibility" page, including a visual guide to the building.

Our Programming

These are the shows we produce and present, the events we put on, the classes or workshops we offer, the discussions we facilitate and the stories we tell or highlight. This happens on stage, in the community and online.

Our Aspiration

That the events, performances and experiences that Gateway offers are relevant to and reflective of the diverse Richmond community. That Gateway offers a platform for underrepresented artists and arts communities, including those working outside Eurocentric traditions.

Progress up to December 2021

  • Redefined our programming direction and priorities to move away from traditional theatre and increase access to the performing arts for a broader community
  • Moved to a collaborative artistic leadership model to include multiple perspectives

2022 Priorities & Objectives

  1. Establish base-line metrics to determine the representation of marginalized voices and perspectivesin our artistic offerings. JULY UPDATE: Presently establishing a contract with Bakau Consulting to provide consultation on this point and conduct an internal audit to help establish base-line metrics.
  2. Continue with a multi-year adaptive planning process to reimagine Gateway’s education programming, with diversity, equity and inclusion as a core value. JULY UPDATE: Ongoing focus.
  3. Begin to seek out artistic partnerships with new and culturally diverse organisations or artists in Richmond with a view to influence programming choices via these perspectives.
  4. Provide mandatory training in Relaxed Performances for administrative, artistic and front-line staff. JULY UPDATE: Staff are in the process of planning Relaxed Performance consultation and training with Anika Vervecken for August/September 2022.