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Richmond Gateway Academy launches new online classes for students

Article by Valerie Leung originally published in the Richmond News.

​Richmond Gateway Academy launches new online classes for students

Richmond’s Gateway Academy has launched a new online course to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions this fall.

Gateway Academy’s new “Creating In New Spaces” course is one of many classes being offered online.

“Creating In New Spaces” is a class that explores different venues of “creative expression” aside from traditional playwriting, according to Ruth McIntosh, education manager at Gateway.

McIntosh told the Richmond News that times have changed and it’s time for the academy to also do what they can to adapt to the circumstances.

“There is a grieving process for all of us in the theatre industry to let go of theatre as we’ve known it as,” said McIntosh.

“At the same time, we need to bolster ourselves for what’s new and what’s our current reality.”

Meanwhile, the academy has also transitioned from their in-person speech programs to virtual classes.

While McIntosh acknowledges that the online aspect of speech classes changes the experience, she believes the skills gained through the virtual class will “transfer to an in-person experience.”

“The lens is different where an on-camera way of expressing oneself is different than an on-stage or in a large room,” said McIntosh, adding that the “projection tools” are different.

“I hope kids learn that there are different forms and outlets of expression and coming out of these classes they can relieve any stress or anxiety while knowing they have a safe place to express themselves freely.”

Gateway Academy will also be offering in-person classes again for their winter acting and musical theatre programs that are aimed at students ages six to18.

Gateway’s “Creating In New Spaces” classes run from November to March and are open to students ages 11 to 13 and 14 to 18.

Their speech program runs from October to December and January to April and are available

For more information and to sign up, visit